• About albrownprod.com

    Welcome to albrownprod.com, i’m a musician with a limited budget who tries to figure out how to produce music and videos by myself at a reasonable cost but with the best quality, hopefully nowadays we can produce music and videos with a laptop, a cheap sound card and some free or inexpensive plugins…

  • About Downloading and Installing Free VST Plugins
    About Downloading and Installing Free VST Plugins

    I’ve been downloading, installing and testing many Free VST Plugins, it takes time but it’s very inspiring…

  • About free VST effects and VST instruments
    About free VST effects and VST instruments

    You will find many free VST effects and VST instruments on the web, some of them are good and some of them are bad, such as those you would pay for and it takes time to choose the right plugin…

  • About making guitar tube amps
    Tweed Bandmaster 5E7

    I made several guitar tube amps by the past and i actually have a new project in mind so let’s talk about amps…

  • About the Reviews
    About the Reviews

    All of the reviews are about the gear that i actually use in my setup, the gear that i have used or tested in the past and any new or old gear i can get in hand.

  • The Brown Dunlop Cry Baby
    The Brown Dunlop Cry Baby

    As my Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Wah needs servicing, i had to remove all the components and as i had some Brown Chocolate Paint, why not adding a Brown touch ?


  • Mercury Magnetics
    Mercury Magnetics

    Mercury Magnetics transformers are the best guitar tube amp transformers that i ever tried, all of the amps that i make are Mercury Magnetics equipped, top sound and a large choice for any amp restoration or DIY project…