About free VST effects and VST instruments

About free VST effects and VST instruments

You will find many free VST effects and VST instruments on the web, some of them are good and some of them are bad, such as those you would pay for and it takes time to choose the right plugin…

About free VST effects and VST instruments

Some of the free VST effects and VST instruments plugins that you will find on the web are demo versions and/or are not working well, have a small GUI, are difficult to intall or worse have some bugs that makes your daw working bad and sometimes a donation is required before downloading the files, that’s why i won’t waste time with that kind of plugins…

Some Free VST effects and Free VST instruments are totally free of charge high quality plugins like at Klanghelm, no donation required, full version of the plugin and no limitation in time like the Klanghelm MJUC jr.

Klanghelm MJUC jr.

If you like their products you can decide to buy one of their more sophisticated plugins at a resonable price, like the Klanghelm DC8C for example.

Klanghelm DC8C

I really like that philosophy, that gives you the time to appreciate the plugin in your audio productions before buying a VST plugin to the company you might become in trust with…

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Top Gear

As i’m not a material girl living in a material world i don’t keep the gear that i don’t like or that i don’t use and i do the same with the Free VST Plugins.

Top Gear

Top Gear Reviews are about the gear i like the best.


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