Getting started with the Beatmaker SL Drums 3

Let’s start a new song in Cubase Elements, but before making some cool beats with the Beatmaker SL Drums 3, let’s see how it works…

Getting started with the Beatmaker SL Drums 3

SL Drums 3 by Beatmaker is an easy to use free VSTi drum kit rompler, it has a number of parameters and includes the ability to route each sound/pad to a selected channel of your DAW’s mixer…

Downloading SL Drums 3

If you don’t already have SL Drums 3 you can download it for free at VST4FREE

Downloading SL Drums 3

Notice that you will need 1 Go of free space on your disk drive.

Installing SL Drums 3

Once you downloaded the files, copy the “SL Drums 3.dll” file and the “SL Drums 3.intruments” folder in the plugins folder of your DAW.

Personally i did create a new folder called “SL DRUMS” that contains the files, as an example: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VST Plugins\SL DRUMS

First steps with SL Drums 3

Open a project in your daw, create a new instrument track and select SL Drums 3, now you are ready to browse over the 75 presets containing high quality drum sounds that you can listen to by clicking on the pads.

SL Drums 3 Drum Maps

The sounds of the Beat Maker SL Drums 3 are not mapped in the general MIDI standard so you will have to create your own drum maps.

The sounds are mapped from C1 to G1

Creating beats with SL Drums 3

This is my first video, i made the music with some free VST Instruments and effects like the Beatmaker SL Drums 3, TAL Bass Line, Ambient Reverb, Unlimited and a few samples, i hope that you will like the music.

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