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I really dig that cool analog devive and i might buy one pretty soon, i’ve been waiting for a long time for an analog preamp that could be connected to my digital audio workstation, the only digital section of this cool little box is the integrated reverb…

2018 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul ’58 Goldtop Tom Murphy

2018 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul ’58 Goldtop Tom Murphy

Recording equipment: – Clean amp sound: Fender Vibroverb amp (original 1963), plus additional: – TC “Ditto” Looper – Overdrive pedal: Okko Diablo “Gregor Hilden Signature Model” (available in my webshop) – Delay pedal: Vahlbruch “Spacetime” Delay (available in my webshop) other pedals: – TC Polytune Tuner -TC Ditto Looper – AKG D 320 B mic into a Behringer Xendix 1002 FX mixing desk ( Reverb No. 7 from the Behringer).

Tube Town – Lummerland Express Amp Demo

Lummerland Express Amp Demo

Who needs a 100 Watt Guitar Tube Amp for Home Use ?

The Lummerland Express Amp is a low Watt DIY Trainwreck Express inspired amp designed by Tube-Town, the power tube is a 12AU7, which makes 1,5 W. You can also run the amp with an ECC99, which makes 3,5 W (sounds a little bit different, less distortion, more voluminous). 1,5 W is very loud, way too much for living room level.

Tweed Champ 5F1 – Mercury Magnetics Transformers Upgrade

Tweed Champ 5F1 - Mercury Magnetics transformers Upgrade
Tweed Champ 5F1 – Mercury Magnetics transformers Upgrade

Mercury Magnetics Power and Output Transformers will improve the tone of your Tweed Champ with a better low end, higher dynamics, more sustain but still with a great vintage style tone.