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Weber Speakers 5F1 Amp Kit

Weber Speakers 5F1 Amp Kit
Weber Speakers 5F1 Amp Kit

The Weber Speakers 5F1 Amp Kit is based on the legendary Fender Tweed ChampĀ® of the late 50s, hundreds of great solos were recorded through these great little tube amps, most likely because Champs distort so nicely when cranked up to 12…

Fender ’60s brown Princeton and Deluxe amps

Fender ’60s brown Princeton and Deluxe amps

Early 60s Brown Princeton and Deluxe amps, Nash Tele w/ Cavalier pickups Nocaster bridge and Lion King neck. Brass saddles from Advanced Plating (Nashville, TN). Edwards Les Paul w/ Manlius 59LT pickups and tailpiece from Advanced Plating (Nashville, TN).