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Cornerstone Gladio SC preamp/overdrive pedal

The Gladio SC is based on the Gladio 1st channel, with the exact same sound and controls, except the new CLEAN knob. This addition makes a very big dfference, and it’s the one that could actually make the sound be closer to SRV.; the clean signal is taken directly at the input of the pedal and mixed back with the overdriven signal at the output, the CLEAN knob thus manages the volume of the clean signal. with the result of having a “clean layer” on top of the overdrive sound, which help a lot to achieve that texas-blues sound.


ThorpyFX Scarlet Tunic

The King of Drive pedals is back! Adrian Thorpe. The man, the myth, the legend. The Scarlet Tunic is his latest ThorpyFX’ latest overdrive pedal. Amp in a box doesn’t do the pedal justice. Yes, it has all the elements. But it goes further than that. It really transforms your base amp tone into something totally else. The inspirations for this pedal were the Selmer Treble and Bass 50, Vox AC30 and Hiwatt DR103. If you’re looking for British shimmer and jangle: look no further!!