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This ZZ-Top in a Box Pedal is Insanely Good!

This is a review of the Missing Link Audio Eliminator Pedal. The Eliminator is handmade in the USA and is designed to capture the classic tones of ZZ Top!

Rockett Pedals JAM Performance Demo Video by Shawn Tubbs

Basically a jam with 6 different Tour Series Rockett Pedals. The first in the song is the .45 Cal for crunch rhythm which is a JTM 45 style pedal. The first solo is the Blue Note, a low gain OD. The second solo is the GTO. It’s a Nobels ODR1 style pedal but WAY better!! The next is a clean sound using the Tranquilizer which is a phaser/vibrato pedal. Up next is the Hooligan Fuzz and boy is it ever! The Lenny follows with a killer tone…