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The LEWITT LCT 440 PURE is an entry-level studio condenser microphone, at this low price i would recommend it for beginners but not only.

Peavey PV8 USB mixing console/stereo USB Digital Audio interface.

Peavey PV8 USB mixing console/stereo USB Digital Audio interface.

The Peavey PV8 USB is a studio quality mixing console and a stereo USB Digital Audio interface, the perfect console for small venue performances or home recording environments even if it’s getting old, there are many good reasons why i bought this second hand mixing console.

Steinberg Cubase AI: the Free version of Cubase 10

Steinberg Cubase AI

All versions of Cubase share the same pristine sound quality and ease of use that make Cubase one of the world’s most popular recording and production solutions, Cubase AI is the Free version of Cubase 10 that you can download after buying a Steinberg or a Yamaha audio interface…