Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling

Why recycling old computers instead of buying a brand new one ?

Recycling old computers instead of buying a brand new one can be an issue if like me you don’t have the money for a brand new powerful computer, depending on your needs and your budget you can get a good machine for almost nothing…

PCI Cards

If like me you need a computer that still works with older PCI cards you may have another good reason for computer recycling…

Universal Audio UAD1 PCI Cards

I still have two Universal Audio UAD1 DSP PCI cards that i would like to use but a mother board including old PCI slots are hard to find nowadays…

Packard Bell Core 2 DUO 2,6 Ghz

Core 2 Duo

As an example i bought this one for 15$ with a 2,6 Ghz Dual Core CPU, it’s not a recent computer but after a few upgrades it should work well enough for internet and why not for music production…


Sometimes you get lucky, i found this laptop in the garbage, dead battery and no power supply, no hard drive, now it works perfectly well…

Collecting Computer Parts

Recycling an old computer will take time and you will need parts, collecting them will be helpful and will reduce the final cost of the machine…

Buying New Computer Parts

The less you buy parts, the less you spend money…

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