Packard Bell Core 2 DUO

Packard Bell Core 2 DUO 2,6 Ghz

I bought this computer for 15$, it’s not a recent computer but after a few upgrades it should work well enough for internet and why not for music production…


Intel Core 2 Duo E4700 2 x 2.6 GHz, 2 Go RAM DDR 2 (1 x 2 Go), SATA 320 Go Hard drive, CD/DVD SATA writer, memory card reader, and a PCIe HDMI graphic card, which is not bad for the price !

Operating System

As i have a Windows 10 Home installation CD, i did replace the Ubuntu operating system that wasn’t interesting me and had a big surprise, not only because the computer was working well but aslo because a Windows 10 Home OEM licence came after restarting, a kind of magic…


I had to modify the BIOS settings because with the initial parameters the boot was very, very slow, everything is ok now…

Power Supply

After one week the computer shut down suddenly, the power supply was dead so i had to replace it, you can’t win all the time…

Mother Board

Everything was ok for a few months until the computer began to refuse to start sometimes, bad luck because i might have to find a mother board…

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