VHT Special 6 Mods

The VHT Special 6 is a great guitar tube amp, the circuit is handwired on a eyelet board allowing easy upgrades and modifications…

VHT Special 6 Mods

The main mod that i made on this amp was the Mercury Magnetics transformers upgrade, it costs about three times the price of the amp itself but it makes a big difference in tone.

The power transformer is a Mercury Magnetics FPROJR-P, normally used in a Fender PRO Jr it has more than enough power and fits perfectly in the chassis cutout without any modification.

The output transformer is a Mercury Magnetics SE-9K-M that also fits perfectly in the chassis without any modification.

I also added a Mercury Magnetics CER-OTS100-C 3 Henry Choke, replacing the first power resistor (R24-330 Ohm/5W).

VHT Special 6 Mercury Magnetics upgrade

I really like the smooth and creamy tone of the Tung Sol reissue vaccum tubes in vintage style amps, they do also sound great in the VHT Special 6.

VHT Special 6 upgrades

In this picture, most of the parts have been upgraded, no modifications on the stock circuit but i did remove the boost option that i don’t use, i did also replace the second input jack by a bright switch with two different voicings (C11).

All of the electrolytic capacitors have been replaced by F&T capacitors (Germany), all of the  Polypropylene Capacitors have been replaced by Orange Drop capacitors.

CTS potentiometers, Cliff input/output jacks upgrade and carbon resistors in some places.

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