GComp2 is a free VST simplified plugin compressor that also includes lo- and hi-cut filters, a gate, and visual feedback on how the signal has been affected…


The GUI features a set of 8 knobs which control all of the plug-in’s parameters. Each is clearly labelled above, with a user-editable readout below.

In addition to the knobs, a window to the right provides a visual cue as to how your source material has been affected. The darker “shadow” waveform represents the original source material, while the brighter Cyan shows the resulting post-processing audio.

The signal path is illustrated on the GUI itself. Incoming audio goes first to the Gain and filter stage, after which it is gated and compressed according to user settings, with the resulting waveform displayed to the right. Finally, the user may also apply manual gain to the effected signal.


Gain: Gain is the level or “volume” of the source material. At 0dB, the original signal passes through. By increasing or reducing gain, the rest GComp2’s parameters are drastically affected.

Lo Cut: Any frequencies below this setting are removed from the source material.

Hi Cut: Frequencies above this setting are eliminated from the incoming audio signal.

Gate: Actually an expander, the incoming signal is turned down once it drops below the defined threshold.

Compress: One knob combines the “threshold” and “ratio” parameters found on most compressors. With a higher rate of compression, there is a lower threshold (level at which compression is triggered) and a higher ratio (amount of gain reduction).

Attack: How quickly the compressor reacts to audio peaks.

Release: The speed at which the source material returns to its original level after being compressed.

Output: Allows the user to manually adjust the post-compression signal with make-up gain.

What i like:

32/64 Bit operation, it’s simple to use and it sounds good.

What i Don’t like:


Download GVST-GComp2 for free at VST4FREE or at gvst.co.uk

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