SALCAR – 2.5″ HDD SSD SATA 3.0 Caddy

The SALCAR – 2.5″ HDD SSD SATA 3.0 Caddy is a great little helper at a very low price, allowing the addition of a second disk drive in a laptop…

SALCAR – 2.5″ HDD SSD SATA 3.0 Caddy

The SALCAR – 2.5″ HDD SSD SATA 3.0 Caddy is really a great little helper, simply by removing the internal CD/DVD ROM reader of your laptop, installing a disk drive Inside the caddy and you’re ready to add a second SSD or Hard Drive in your laptop, just magic…

SALCAR – 2.5″ HDD SSD SATA 3.0 Caddy install 1

The box i did receive contains the caddy, a little screwdriver and a front plate as shown above, summary instructions are figuring on the caddy and that’s all, no paper instructions version but it doesn’t matter because you can have more informations on the web.

It looks good, it’s lightweight but seems to be strong enough so let’s go !

Installing the SALCAR – 2.5″ HDD SSD SATA 3.0 Caddy

SALCAR – 2.5″ HDD SSD SATA 3.0 Caddy install 1

The picture above is showing up the process in details, in my case i only had two screws for fixing the drive but it’s ok and it does the job, i already had a mounted front plate on the caddy.

Trouble Shooting

There’s a small, very very small swicth inside the caddy in case of your laptop is not working well after restart, see picture below.

SALCAR – 2.5″ HDD SSD SATA 3.0 Caddy trouble Shooting

First start, my brand new Samsung 860 EVO SSD doesn’t appear in the computer disk setup, problem solved after restart, everything was working well until i decided to shut down the computer, it did simply refuse to stop and i had to use the on/off switch, same thing when trying to start again, i had to press the on switch several times, i must admit that i was a little bit worried…

Now it’s time to remove the caddy from the computer and follow the trouble shooting instructions, i had to remove the drive from the caddy in the way to access to the micro switch that seems to have several positions, after selecting the closest position to it’s origin and reinstalling all, the computer is working correctly now.

What i like:

The ridiculous price (Less than 15$), the look, the green led showing up disk activity, the instructions and the trouble shooting switch.

What i Don’t like:

Trouble shooting !!!

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