Steinberg Halion 3

Even if it’s getting old, Halion 3 is a VST instrument plugin that i use in all of my audio productions, it contains many sample based instruments programs, plus it’s a great sampler…

Steinberg Halion 3

Why still using Halion 3 ?

I made an upgrade to Cubase 10 Elements including HALion Sonic SE 3 and Groove Agent SE 5 basic sets with over 185 instrument sounds, i really like the idea but compared to my good old Halion 3, it’s like night and day.


  • 64 Bit Sample based VST instruments and loops player
  • Complete sampling section with multi layer, loop and filtering options
  • Individual outputs
  • Import/Export of many sample formats
  • VST Instrument and standalone version

What i like:

  • 32/64 Bit operation
  • Can be used as a VST plugin or as a standalone version
  • Still working with recent host applications like Steinberg Cubase 10 as an example
  • The large amount and variety of instrument programs and loops
  • Can load older programs from Halion 2
  • The browser
  • Can load 128 programs per bank
  • 16 MIDI channels
  • The individual outputs and the basic but useful effect inserts
  • The sampler can load many sample formats like .wav, .aiff, REX files and AKAI programs in different layers and can be edited in the looper and the filter section

What i Don’t like:

  • Not really useable for drums
  • Can be complicated sometimes
  • The GUI is getting old
  • Cannot load or export programs from/to newer versions

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