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Bare Knuckle Black Dog Humbucker Demo – with Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens of Inglorious takes us through a great array of rock tones, using the Black Dog humbucker set that’s loaded into his Gibson Les Paul. For more info on this pickup set, head to https://www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk/…

Bareknuckle Pickups – Holy Diver, Abraxas, VH2 – Demo with Sam Coulson

The wide dynamics and mids of the Holydiver are excellent for adding depth and body to lighter weight, bolt-on neck guitars and extremely well suited to high-gain applications that benefit from a sweeter treble response.

THE ABRAXAS IS A VINTAGE-VOICED HUMBUCKER WITH AN SUPERLATIVE VOCAL TONE, BALANCED MID-RANGE PROJECTION AND SWEET HARMONIC OVERTONES. Players looking for more mid range crunch and the ability to drive an amp naturally will enjoy the classic voice of the Abraxas humbucker. The higher output also allows for excellent coil splits and it cleans up well with the volume pot. Utilising the same sand-cast, Alnico IV magnet as The Mule, the Abraxas humbucker provides similar breadth and detail across the mid-range but packs considerably more power. The 43 AWG plain enamel scatter-wound coils retain the harmonic complexity of the vintage humbuckers, which adds more bottom-end depth and smoother control in the high-end, particularly in brighter guitars.

CRYSTAL CLEAR HIGHS, DEFINED BOTTOM-END AND THE VERSATILE OUTPUT OF A VINTAGE HOT HUMBUCKER LAY DOWN THE ULTIMATE IN CLEAN OVERDRIVE AND EVEN HARMONIC RESPONSE WITH THE VHII HUMBUCKER. Totally unique approaches to the asymmetrical coils of the VHII humbucker allow it to retain phenomenal clarity whilst maximising the output of 42 AWG plain enamel wire. Voiced to capture the original raw energy and brown sound of the late ’70s, the vintage cut Alnico V magnet allows for a really open and touch sensitive feel. Harmonic overtones are strong and defined with excellent string separation, which produces a huge sound with superb pick attack even when used with extreme amounts of preamp gain. The design of the coils allows for great split and parallel options, working extremely well with rotary tone selectors.