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Fender ’60s brown Princeton and Deluxe amps

Fender ’60s brown Princeton and Deluxe amps

Early 60s Brown Princeton and Deluxe amps, Nash Tele w/ Cavalier pickups Nocaster bridge and Lion King neck. Brass saddles from Advanced Plating (Nashville, TN). Edwards Les Paul w/ Manlius 59LT pickups and tailpiece from Advanced Plating (Nashville, TN).

2018 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul ’58 Goldtop Tom Murphy

2018 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul ’58 Goldtop Tom Murphy

Recording equipment: – Clean amp sound: Fender Vibroverb amp (original 1963), plus additional: – TC “Ditto” Looper – Overdrive pedal: Okko Diablo “Gregor Hilden Signature Model” (available in my webshop) – Delay pedal: Vahlbruch “Spacetime” Delay (available in my webshop) other pedals: – TC Polytune Tuner -TC Ditto Looper – AKG D 320 B mic into a Behringer Xendix 1002 FX mixing desk ( Reverb No. 7 from the Behringer).