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2018 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul ’58 Goldtop Tom Murphy

2018 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul ’58 Goldtop Tom Murphy

Recording equipment: – Clean amp sound: Fender Vibroverb amp (original 1963), plus additional: – TC “Ditto” Looper – Overdrive pedal: Okko Diablo “Gregor Hilden Signature Model” (available in my webshop) – Delay pedal: Vahlbruch “Spacetime” Delay (available in my webshop) other pedals: – TC Polytune Tuner -TC Ditto Looper – AKG D 320 B mic into a Behringer Xendix 1002 FX mixing desk ( Reverb No. 7 from the Behringer).

Fender ’60s brown Princeton and Deluxe amps

Fender ’60s brown Princeton and Deluxe amps

Early 60s Brown Princeton and Deluxe amps, Nash Tele w/ Cavalier pickups Nocaster bridge and Lion King neck. Brass saddles from Advanced Plating (Nashville, TN). Edwards Les Paul w/ Manlius 59LT pickups and tailpiece from Advanced Plating (Nashville, TN).