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Rockett Pedals JAM Performance Demo Video by Shawn Tubbs

Basically a jam with 6 different Tour Series Rockett Pedals. The first in the song is the .45 Cal for crunch rhythm which is a JTM 45 style pedal. The first solo is the Blue Note, a low gain OD. The second solo is the GTO. It’s a Nobels ODR1 style pedal but WAY better!! The next is a clean sound using the Tranquilizer which is a phaser/vibrato pedal. Up next is the Hooligan Fuzz and boy is it ever! The Lenny follows with a killer tone…

The Ultimate Klon Pedal Blindfold Challenge – 10 Pedals – £39 – £5000 Shootout!

Great sounding Klon inspired pedals

Nine Klon-inspired pedals, one real Klon & one blindfolded Pete Honoré, can he find the most expensive from the most affordable? With a range of guitar pedals starting from £39 to £5000, do all Klon overdrives sound the same when set to 12 o’clock?